Speciality Medz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical, has created a benchmark in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting all drug forms. It has been more than a decade for us to provide medicines to our clients, who are the backbone of our organization. We have a base of satisfied clients all across the globe, and we are proud of them. Our collaboration has created a business environment where both parties flourish in their respective healthcare sector space.


The capsule is a regular medicine and is always in the production process at our manufacturing plant. Capsules are available in various forms and varieties, and we have gained expertise in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting all of them over the years. Capsules are the easiest way to take them, making them popular. There are two major types of capsules, dry-filled and liquid-filled, and some dissolve in the intestine quicker than tablets. One of the benefits of capsules is that they are tasteless and easy to gulp.

Dry-filled Capsules:

  • Hard gelatin
  • Hard HPMC

Liquid-filled capsules:

  • Hard capsules – include Gelatin and HPMC
  • Soft gel capsules

Manufacturing, supplying, and exporting Capsules are a forte of Speciality Medz

With an astonishing capacity for manufacturing, supplying, and exporting specialitymedz has developed its forte in the capsule’s drug form. We have created a comfortable space by providing capsules with any size of the order of any formulation and in both dry-filled and liquid-filled capsules. With the latest and ultra-modern machinery setup, our plant has the capacity to capsules with customization. The client needs to give the requirement, and the rest will be done by speciality medz, from acquiring raw materials to final delivery will be our headache.

Benefits of doing business with us

There are multiple benefits of doing business with specialitymedz. We are open to new ideas and collaboration and have a customer-centric mind set. We have designed our website with these things in mind. There are benefits on manufacturing to delivery level in doing business with us; below are some of the reasons to mention:

  • Providing world-class medicine at an affordable price is our foremost goal; we have put all our efforts behind this vision.
  • Every single manufacturing service, packaging, storage, delivery, and legal requirement will be fulfilled.
  • Hassle free process from placing an order to delivery.
  • Speciality medz possess WHO-GMP certifications with all other necessary domestic and international certifications.
  • We give hassle-free service to our clients.
  • Visiting our manufacturing plant is just a mail away; come and see how we produce quality medicines.
  • No minimum order criteria.
  • Payment options are multiple and secure with encrypted information.
  • Specialitymedz has a portal with a user-friendly interface that can be operated by anyone, even without any previous experience.
  • Boarders are no boundaries for us to provide 24*7 customer support.