The eye and ear are two organs that are extremely important for any human being to function organically. Eye and ear-related diseases will put a person in a vulnerable condition. Several eye-eardrops treat related diseases comfortably, and Specialitymedz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical, has a dedicated manufacturing plant and setup to accomplish the target. These medicines are always in demand, and we have been manufacturing them for over a decade.

Importance of Eye and Ear drops?

People will avoid an injury to their hands or legs but will never avoid eye or ear issues and immediately buy medicine from OTC or visit a health provider. Realizing the importance of eye and ear drops at a very early stage of establishing Specialitymedz as a company, we started manufacturing different types of drops that treat eye and ear issues. Over the years, we have been adding all the new kinds of drops that are being invented, and we have been manufacturing drops for our clients with third-party and contract manufacturing practices.

Why to choose speciality medz to manufacture eye and ear drops?

Innovation is a way to move forward; this is our company’s mantra, and we have incorporated it into our vision and mission. At an early stage, we created a manufacturing setup to comply with producing eye and ear drops. Our scientists and lab technicians can create formulas and execute a product based on an existing formula. Our lab has modern-day facilities, manufacturing meets international standards, and we can produce quality medicines because we love our work more than anything.

Specialitymedz manufacturing services

We at Specialitymedz have the capacity to handle manufacturing, exporting, and supplying any size of the project. We have equipped ourselves to accomplish clients’ needs related to all manufacturing services, including packaging, storage, delivery, and all related services.

  • Ultra-modern plant facilities following GMP and WHO-GMP guidelines.
  • A system which records and monitors each batch through SAP & ERP systems.
  • In-house facility to weigh, dispenses, and inventory control procedures.
  • Management of deviations, CAPA, and complaints.
  • Advanced QC laboratory.
  • Formulations, sterilization, filling, and processing of the medicine.
  • Dedicated packaging department with required facilities that include labelling, storage, and handling.
  • Stock audit system and dispatch networking.
  • Production system with minutes wise monitoring of each batch.
  • Integration from plant operations to business processes.

Business with Speciality medz is always profitable

Almost all our clients repeat their business with us; we have around 97% repeat customers. The core reason for that is our business model, our approach toward our clients, their needs, and our understanding of medicines. We have been successful in the healthcare sector because we are not stagnant but always evolving as an entity, open to suggestions and updating with the ever-changing healthcare business.

Doing business is easy, profitable, and mainly works with peace of mind and below are the reasons for that:

  • We want to provide international quality products at inexpensive prices, and we are on this mission; we have been doing it for over a decade now.
  • Manufacturing and related services are our forte, and we know the crux of it.
  • Our company has WHO-GMP certifications with all other necessary domestic certifications.
  • Multiple and secure payment options.
  • We take care of the production, execution, all procedures and delivery.
  • Clients can reach our manufacturing plant and see their product being produced 
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • User-friendly interface of our website, which is a one-stop solution for our client.
  • No minimum order criteria.
  • Hassle free process from placing an order to delivery.