What is a lancet?

Diabetes is covering the whole earth, and there is a need to monitor sugar levels every day for a few people. For them, glucose meters are available, and these devices need to feed a drop of blood to measure blood sugar levels. To take a drop of blood, you need a needle to punch a finger, and the lancet is that needle.

Lancet is a specially designed needle that can be used with a device, and every lancet is different and fits its device. Using it through its device is less painful and easy to use.

There are lancets that are usable multiple times, and some come with one-time use.

Different types of lancet

There are multiple different types of lancets, and the market is flooded with them. The device you buy to check blood sugar has a particular lancet, so the important thing here is to know How to use a disposable lancet. Because all the lancet needs to dispose and the user should not just throw it in the dustbin. It is called medical waste, so one needs to know the process from the health provider or pharmacists; many companies provide a leaflet that guides how to dispose of lancet.

Types of lancet:

1.      Traditional:

Traditional lancet was used before glucose meters were introduced to the market. Still, in some developed countries, this lancet is used by doctors to take blood samples. It is a simple needle that is poked in the finger to punch, and a blood sample would be collected.

2.      Used with device:

There are two major types of lancets currently used in the medical fraternity at health centers and at home by individuals. These lancets are used with a device that comes with glucose meters. They are of different sizes and shapes, and their use would be different, too.

3.      Twisted blood lancet:

This type of lancet is a needle that has molded plastic at the top that needs to be twisted; the top will be removed after twisting, and the needle will appear. This type of lancet can be used manually and through a device as well.

4.      Pressure-activated safety lancet:

A pressure-activated safety lancet is used both at the medical centre and by individuals in their private places. This type of lancet comes with a different design, in which the lancet and the device that meters blood are not separate; they are both a single device. An individual will need to understand and practice in the beginning to use this kind of lancet.

How to use a lancet?

Every package comes with a user manual that has text and images to showcase how the lancet should be used; one must follow these instructions and learn how to use a lancet device. With inappropriate individual use, one can hurt oneself, so using a lancet is very important.

  • First, open the lancet cap and see whether it is damaged; if it is, do not use that one and take the new one.
  • Press on a finger and poke a single time with a lancet needle gently.
  • Blood will come out take the glucose meter device and let it suck blood.
  • Put cotton on the punctured finger and press mildly.
  • The lancet is a use and throws things; there are people who use them more than once, it could be harmful according to the companies.
  • Remember to change the lancet after appropriate use.
  • Dispose of it according to the instruction given in the package leaflet or ask your health provider or pharmacist.

How to use a safety lancet?

Hold the safety lancet in one hand, and with the second hand, twist the top of the lancet; the cap will get off. You wouldn’t be pulling it off, but just twist it. Clean the area you want to puncture and do a slow and gentle massage with your finger to increase blood flow. After poking with lancet, put cotton on the punctured area immediately to stop the blood from coming out further.

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