What is a spray in medicinal use?

Spray has become a useful medicine in recent times as it has so many uses. One of the useful factors is it is very easy to use, and its efficacy is immediate. There are various kinds of sprays available on the markets that are used to treat or relieve diseases and pains. A spray is a specially designed bottle that blows liquid, has medicinal or therapeutic properties, and is used to treat some conditions.

How to use a spray?

Different types of Spray have different uses; below are some of the examples of sprays that are available in the market.

  • Nasal Spray
  • Deodorant spray
  • Pain relief spray
  • Hair spray
  • Sanitizer spray

These sprays come in different kinds of bottles, and they all have different ways of use, as the liquid comes out differently. A user needs to hold toward a part of the body to spray to a specific distance and push the button-shaped place on the bottle to release the liquid. The proper instructions are provided with all the bottles in the form of a leaflet or printed on the bottle itself.

How does a spray work?

The medicinal properties that a spray has after release reach the skin or on the part it was intended and start working on it. For example, if a pain relief spray is applied on a knee, it will go inside and break the signals of pain from passing to the brain, and by doing that, a person can have relief in the pain for a certain amount of period.

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