Importance of injection in treatment

Injection is perhaps one of the best inventions of the 17th century. Urgent treatment is possible only in the form of injectable medicines. When it is a question of someone’s life, a tablet or any other kind of treatment will take too much time. Injectable medicines can be given directly in the body or through infusion treatment. All around the world, injections are used frequently, and the demand is constant.

Different types of injection

With time, medical science has never stopped evolving injectable treatment, and every year, a new way or type of injection is introduced, which is not just helpful but life-saving as well. There are five major types of injections that would cover all kinds of injectable treatment.

  • Intravenous
  • Intramuscular
  • Subcutaneous
  • Intraosseous
  • Intradermal

Generally, all medicines are available in the form of injections, and health providers advise patients to take them. There are some forms, like insulin, that patients can take themselves.

Specialitymedz expertise in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying injection


Specialitymedz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical has been manufacturing injectables since its inception. Thus, we have all the machinery and other sets up, like the flow of raw materials, readily available. Our experts are highly professional and understand the formula and way to execute it. Our plant has a sufficient amount of workforce and technology to produce any size of order within a few days. Currently, we are able to manufacture 1 million injections at a time, with syringes, needles and a whole packaging set. You can order from the speciality medz website with no minimum order criteria.


Specialitymedz is into exporting medicines, which has been our forte from the beginning. We have teams that look after all the processes, including export norms and regularities. As a company, we have been exporting since the very first year of our establishment, and that is the reason we have developed an expertise in export. Another way of exporting is through the services that we provide for contract and third-party manufacturing. After the manufacturing, we export products through our channels, so exporting is a constant process at speciality medz throughout the year.


At Specialitymedz, we have set up a network to supply injections worldwide and have been doing so since our inception. Our network includes transportation, shipping, legality, and delivery through in-house arrangements and with our associates and partners. Speciality medz is capable of providing any size of order quantity that is required by our clients. Being a manufacturer, we have gained the capability and convenience to supply a large amount of products in any part of the world.

The benefits of associating with Specialitymedz

Providing international standards of pharmaceutical products and services is a Specialitymedz forte. There are a bunch of benefits to doing business with us as we cover the healthcare sector at 360 degrees. Our vision is to grow faster and find new horizons with togetherness. Thus, Specialitymedz business model establishes a win-win business environment.

We have specially designed and crafted our business with a customer-centric mindset. We strongly believe that if our clients grow, we grow with them.

These are some of the benefits of doing business with Specialitymedz:

  • com is the one-stop solution for all your pharmaceutical needs.
  • We provide ordering, connecting, payment, customer support and overviewing the status of manufacturing and related services through our website.
  • We have set no minimum order criteria.
  • 24*7 support is guaranteed.
  • We use high-end technology, so all the processes of placing an order to delivery are transparent.
  • We follow international standards in all the processes so quality is assured.
  • Our clients are welcome to see their products being produced at our manufacturing plants.
  • Providing low-cost products and services is at the core of all our endeavour.
  • Speciality Medz is certified and licensed by domestic authorities and WHO-GMP for manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

Services Specialitymedz offer

Speciality Medz is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company that is growing rapidly with our clients. Our footprints are spreading all over the pharmaceutical market of the world. We offer all the basic to high-end services related to the field.

  • Manufacturing pharmaceutical product line
  • Pharmaceutical export
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Regulatory support
  • Manufacturing service
  • Packaging