3rd Party Manufacturing

Acquisition of specific raw materials and suitable plant facility 

The SpecialityMedz expert team first understands the client’s requirements. Based on that, the purchasing department acquires specific raw materials from trusted sources. The formulation is explained by experts and experts in the plant, where medicines finally go into production. We have superb coordination of all the concerned departments, thus working is full-proof, specific, and quick. 

Our plant is well maintained, and we have enough staff to run it to its fullest capacity on any given day. All the production activities are automated with minimal human interference. We have been attentive to all our third-party manufacturing projects like we are producing our own brands. And trust has been built over the years with our clients; this trust is our driving and guiding force.       

Expert working on approval with different departments 

As our experts learn the specifications from the client, they start the approval process with different departments and government bodies if required. SpecialityMedz has strong legal knowledge on each ground, and we have successfully gotten the fastest approval each time. Our expert team is experienced, professional, and dedicated to handling and executing the most complex projects. 

Dedicated quality control 

Dedicated quality control is performed at each stage of the manufacturing process at our quality control lab, which is filled with ultra-modern equipment and experts. The sync between the manufacturing and QC departments is excellent, making the manufacturing process fast.  

Packaging department 

For packaging, our team constantly stays in touch with the clients to understand their packaging requirements, printing, and related materials. We have dedicated design teams, a material acquiring team, modifiable machines for packaging, and warehouse capacity to store.