About us

Introduction of SpecialtyMedz

Saving somebody’s health is as imperative as saving a life, and we are proud to be in the healthcare business; we are specialitymedz.com. We have a different approach to doing business, which we call:

“Health to Wealth Through Happiness”

This is our business model; we are into healthcare to make wealth but through happiness, the happiness of our clients, business partners, and all stakeholders. 

Welcome to SpecialityMedz

We are a company in the evergreen sector of pharmaceutical products. We manufacture all sorts of medicinal forms, from tablets to injections, that are available in the market. Moreover, through more than decades of experience and experiments, we have acquired expertise in manufacturing, exporting, marketing, distribution, and acquisition. 

The promoters 

The promoters of SpecialityMedz are not merely the next start-up guys, they have gained decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, market strategy, client handling, and building a pharmaceutical business. With medical and pharmaceutical educational background, the promoters have made a company as a part of mutual dream and that is why it has been nurtured like a child. This child is now running on its feet and embossing its footprints on a global level. 

Our business working model


Values give trust to a company, and our values are fundamental to us. We are proud to be called as a value-driven company. Our fundamental values are a win-win approach for all, client- a client-centric approach, excellent quality products at the lowest possible cost, an ethical and moral-based business model, and time is more important than money are some of our fundamental values.


At SpecialityMedz, we are obsessed with quality, which can be seen in all our product lines. We put extra energy and focus on the quality of all our healthcare products and services. As we have mastered acquiring raw materials and operation in manufacturing, we are able to provide low-cost products to our clients. Our expert team is equipped with professional experience in maintaining quality with accuracy at all stages of production. Furthermore, the packaging of our entire product line matches international standards, and we are proud of increasing our standards and updating our plants year by year.    

We have a team of dedicated professionals with years of industry experience to ensure that all pharmaceuticals are stored, handled, and shipped according to the highest regulatory standards. We are well versed in handling temperature-controlled products, specific requests for various lot and expiry requests and specialty medications.


Only value-driven company has never succeeded in the market, use of technology has no option in the era that we live. We have state-of-the-art technology and experts working for us and we are continuously upgrading with the technology that we using.   


We have set values and technology for our clients, who are the nucleus of our business. We are not client-driven or client-centric company just per say, we actually believe it and our client knows that. Clients are at the center of our entire endeavor.   


For the happiness of our clients, partners, and stakeholders, we have been working so hard to stick with our values and adopt new technology for our client’s needs. This is our approach to the business and our business working model.  


SpecialityMedz has the best in class teams with in-depth knowledge of Drug Regulatory Affairs (DRA) for international regulatory policies and procedures, moreover, the R&D capabilities with chemical synthesis, dossier, analytical development, optimization of different processes, and formulation development. We have cutting-edge teams for each department, and we are proudly capable of handling all sorts of orders with substantial manufacturing capabilities, which we are expanding every five years. 

Our process and offers to a client 

As a client comes to us we offer the whole details of our process and offers through various pages of our portal, which is a well maintained and managed website. If a client roam to our website he will know all the following details and it will be easy to understand our products, services, what we offer, how to get the pricing, before and after sell process and support.

  • Product Description 
  • Product quality assurance 
  • Adopting self-serve purchasing
  • Requirement of the necessary license 
  • Providing authority to buy 
  • Online Catalogue 
  • Technology-driven offer personalization 
  • Personalized and data science-driven pricing 
  • Seamless and time-saving procurement process 
  • Prototype if required 
  • Fast, safe, and accurate delivery  
  • Traceability with batch ID  
  • Easy carriage handling 
  • Reliable and secure platform 
  • Customer support 24*7 

Our footprints 

  • North and South America 
  • Africa 
  • Middle east 
  • Asia
  • Australia 
  • Europe 
  • Oceania countries

Certification and authorization 

We are an approved and certified company with ISO 9001:2008 certification, World Health Organization (WHO), FDCA, ISO, the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), government recognized star export house and Pharmexcil. We follow all the norms and regulations at the production unit and while producing for third parties with standards set rules by GMP, and all the drug-related regulations are followed according to the Ministry of Health.