Our perspective  

We have our own products and made comprehensive facilities to achieve that, establishing a system and team with quality-conscious minds. Later, we realized we could manufacture medicine for others, too. Ultimately, we love making medicines; we call ourselves mad for meds, which is why we are in this business. With this core thought contract manufacturing got started at SpecialityMedz

We understand medicine formulation well; we have hired similar minds at our company who can handle it with perfection.  

Technical capabilities

With a futuristic manufacturing system and arrangements, Speciality Medz initiated contract manufacturing a few years ago. This includes quality and consistency of raw materials for executing the right formulation in the production, plant management, innovative and sophisticated labs, teams of professionals, and above all, a collaborative working environment to accomplish all the products and their timely delivery. 

State of the art machineries

We entered the market with extensive personal experience, and from the beginning, we understood that without updated machinery, any pharmaceutical manufacturing company would have a hard time succeeding. Therefore, we have spent much time, energy, budget, and manpower building plant facilities. We are proud of our ground establishment and have talented minds to run it according to specifications.

We continuously update our plants and machines with the changing market and demand. We have a 10-year advance plan. To elaborate, we imagine ten years’ demand and market conditions, and then, using reverse calculation, we proceed with updating our plants and their needs to match market demands.

Production capacity

Our manufacturing capacity is tailor-made, and we have built the following yearly production capacity. 

Products  Yearly Unit Capacity
Tablets160 Million
Hard Gelatin Capsules10 Million
Soft Gelatin Capsules05 Million
Liquid Syrup3.0 Million
Dry Syrups3.0 Million
External Preparations/ Ointments/ Creams3.0 Million
Eye/ Ear Drops8 Million
Powders1.0 Million
ProductsYearly Unit Capacity
Liquid Vials17 Million
Ampoules35 Million
Powder For Injections27 Million
Lyophilized products0.5 Million