Global Presence

Global playground and how we go about it

A pharmaceutical company cannot survive today without a global presence; we are on the path to becoming a global pharmaceutical giant on the global pharma playground. Our approach to expanding our global presence has been going one after another milestone; we are not in a hurry to capture the whole market. We want to move slowly but solidly. We want to be global but being local in that country. 

We have been covered all of the continents of the world but we are covering countries brick by brick. We want to establish our foot in one country and then move forward. 

We have created a country bunch and a dedicated team for that bunch; for example, we have three bunches for Europe and three for Africa for other continents likewise. Two teams handle each bunch of countries because each country has a different and specified demand for medicines with various regulations and norms. We have a dedicated export team with the core knowledge of all the regulatory, international audits, COPP, and preparation of dossier; moreover, experts from that part of the world are collaborating with us, and by that, we make sure we give the local feel to our clients.   

Understanding the needs of global markets, country-specific

For us, understanding the global markets first is more important rather than jumping into it and then knowing it. Global footprint with local expert support: this is our strategy, and that is how we are increasing our presence at the worldwide level. We have a strong network of local experts in all parts of the world. 

We are grasping specification of our clients’ demands and requirements and providing products to them and that is why all our foreign clients are trusting on us for all sorts of their requirements. 

Manufacturing setup matching global norms

We have a sophisticated manufacturing setup and a team who knows which batch has to ship where, so they take care of all the norms and regulations for that country. Over the years, we have reached the stage where this process is on autopilot mode; we update it according to the needs and specifications.  

Cost-effectiveness all-over

Control over manufacturing marketing and distribution channels gives us cost effectiveness and we can provide low cost product to the specific client. It is a privilege that we have achieved throughout these years of hard work and dedication.   

Logistic, IT, HR

We are a strong believer of a thought that logistic, IT, and HR these three elements are the reasons behind the success or failure of a business. We are strong in all three aspect of the company. 


Without strong logistic competencies, a global presence is impossible; our logistics department is well equipped with manpower, IT, the latest technology, and trustworthy partners. 


We have a dedicated IT department that provides support to each and all departments, increasing their efficiency. 


We believe in keeping 10% more staff than required, as if a company wants to expand globally, there should not be an issue of human resource.  

Our associations and partnerships

To deal with the food and drug departments of each country, understanding the norms of each country, local logistics, marketing, etc., is not possible without associations and partnerships. We have multiple associates and partners who trust us, and they are dedicated to us.   

Marketing mastery

We have a mastery over marketing, through multiple presences on the internet we are reaching out to the targeted clients. We are also able to convince and convert our people to business with us. Our marketing department has mastery over the work and it is a proud thing for us as a company. 

Regulatory guidance and certifications

Legalities are important for us as we do business in multiple countries, and we have a team that looks after them. At any time, we are equipped to provide all the certifications and legal peppers of successful clinical trials, product life cycle management, label preparations and review, FDA certification, scientific writing, pre-toxicology assessment and support, and most of the countries and their health bodies.