Quality Policy

Quality Intentions and Direction of the Company 

Creating a quality product is the core activity for any company, and all the other activities support it; this is how SpecialityMedz has crafted its work and the importance we give to maintaining quality. 

Any business, especially a pharmaceutical business, must maintain the quality of its medicine. Our clients’ health is at the forefront of our venture; we focus more on the “care” part of the healthcare world, which is why our intentions and direction are concentrated on the quality of our products.   

Intention to Comply with Regulations

  • Maintaining an effective QMS within and across divisions
  • Complying with all national and international applicable quality regulations, codes, and standards 
  • Maintaining a quality and integrity-focused culture in which each person is required to carry out their responsibilities with proper regard for quality and to ensure the highest priority is placed on the safety and efficacy of our products, the safety of our patients, the integrity of data, and the trustworthiness of interactions with our Stakeholders
  • Reporting and addressing quality issues, risks, and concerns through appropriate corporate or divisional processes 

Commitment to Continual Improvement of the PQS

A healthy PQS practice is crucial to assuring drug products are manufactured to meet the targeted quality and performance attributes. For that, we focus on specific aspects that must be processed regularly and in a systematic way, starting with the acquisition and control of materials followed by the Provision of facilities, continuous updates in utilities and equipment, specific production that includes packaging and labeling, quality control and assurance in release, storage, and distribution of completed products. 

Various countries’ health departments suggest the four elements of the Pharmaceutical Quality System on which we concentrate. 

1. Process performance and product quality monitoring system 

2. Corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) system 

3. Change the management system according to the product and maintain its quality 

4. Management review of process performance and product quality

The workforce at the unit and in the company, in general, is fundamental to ensure quality, and that is why we emphasize regular training on management responsibility, leadership and commitment to quality, quality planning, resource management, internal communication, management Review, and oversight of outsourced activities.  

Code of Ethics 

Delivering quality products is a constant process, and we are committed and driven by our vision and mission to achieve it. We have set our standards high for our product quality and safety. We have absorbed the fact—it’s in our DNA—that a drug that we produce is going to make a person healthy and his family stronger. This realization determines and energizes us to adhere to our vision and mission, based on which we have created this company.  

Code of Conduct

  • Quality and integrity culture 
  • Governance and organization 
  • Risk management
  • Processes and procedure  
  • Training and qualifications 
  • Oversight and monitoring 
  • Issue management and CAPA
  • 3rd party product management