Candid-V (Clotrimazole)

Active Ingredient: Clotrimazole
Dosage Form: Tablet
Available Strength: 100mg, 200mg
Manufacturer: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Packaging: 3 Tablets in strip
Therapeutic Use: Fungal infection
Pack Insert/Leaflet: Yes
Production Capacity: 1 Million Tablet's/Month


Candid-V gel is a widely used anti fungal medicine recommended by a majority of healthcare professionals not only for typical skin infections but also for a lot of women in treating vaginal infections.

Understanding the prominent need for medicine, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, the lead manufacturing unit in the medical industry formulated Clotrimazole in various dosages and strengths. This not only ensures a tailored treatment plan for each infection but also increases the versatility of Candid-V medicine.

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Candid-V is a widely used gel across the USA and you can buy Candid-V online easily from various e-pharmacies (such as only after cross checking the legitimacy. Another thing you need to consider for a Candid-V online order is evaluating the price. Across the USA, on average the Candid-V price is around $1.5 pack for 12 tablets.

What is Clotrimazole?

Clotrimazole is an antifungal medicine derived from the azole class of antifungal drugs which halts the growth of fungi. Clotrimazole works by interfering with the formation of ergosterol (the primary component of the fungal cell membrane) and disrupting the growth and replication of the fungi.

Available in different topical formulations such as gels, creams, and lotions, clotrimazole can be applied directly on the affected skin as well as for treating vaginal yeast infections. Where Clotrimazole is also available in oral formulation, its usage requires a prescription from a doctor.

Apart from that, clotrimazole is an over-the-counter medicine with utmost effectiveness.

What is Clotrimazole cream used for?

As an antifungal medicine, Candid-V is used for treating a wide range of skin fungal infections which stand as:

  1. Athlete’s Foot or Tinea Pedis
  2. Jock Itch or Tinea Cruris
  3. Ringworm
  4. Yeast Infections
  5. Candida Diaper Rash
  6. Fungal Infections of the Nails


For treating any of those skin infections, Candid-V could work wonders only when a guided dosage is being followed for treating the area. Dosages of clotrimazole in Candid-V are driven by the type of infection it is used to treat.

Missed Dose

You can apply the gel as soon as you remember in case of a missed dosage. The only consideration to be taken is to not double up the dosage to make up for the missed one. Further, consult your doctor if you have any questions about the missed doses.


Overdose of clotrimazole does not have any serious side effects as such however always feel free to contact your local poison control centre if you suspect any overdose symptoms.


Candid-V is one of the most versatile antifungal gels used as a treatment measure for a broad spectrum of fungal infections. The benefits it holds are similar to that, broad. Here’s a few of them:

  1.  Effective against a wide range of antifungal activity.
  2.  Allows direct application to the affected skin in the form of lotions, gels, and creams.
  3. Used to treat vaginal yeast infection.
  4. Effective against dermatological infections.
  5. Easy application
  6. Over-the-counter availability.

Candid-V is a well-rounded antifungal gel with an accurate diagnosis and plan of treatment for each skin condition.

Side Effects

Candid-V gel does not have any such severe side-effects associated with it, there are just a few common side-effects which stand as:

  • Mild redness or burning at the application area.
  • Allergic reactions such as swelling, itching, or rash.
  • Change in colour or texture of the skin of the application area.
  • The application area’s skin may peel off.

If you are wondering about the more serious side effects of clotrimazole then they are quite uncommon and their occurrence is mild.

Precautions And Warnings

The usage of such antifungal medicine, Candid-V, is safe and effective on a general level. However, it is essential that you know about what precautions you should take and what the warnings associated with clotrimazole.

  • Be cautious of allergic reactions to clotrimazole. Rash, itching, swelling, and severe dizziness are some of the side effects.
  • Precautions must be taken if you are pregnant. Where the general usage is safe, oral clotrimazole must be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Use age-specific dosage for children’s use.
  • Avoid contact with the eye area.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions such as liver disease need to be evaluated before prescribing clotrimazole.

These were the major warnings associated with Candid-V gel medicine. You must complete the full course of treatment prescribed to you to avoid any kind of later complications in your condition.

Storage and Disposal

To maintain the effectiveness of a medicine, you must follow a proper guideline on how to store and dispose of the Candid V gel. This helps in preventing any harm to the formulation.


  1. Temperature
  2. Avoid Sunlight
  3. Childproof Storage
  4. Keep in original packaging
  5. Do not freeze


  1. Dispose if beyond the expiry date.
  2. Do not flush the medicine down the toilet.
  3. Remove personal information before disposing.
  4. See if any pharmacies have a take-back program for unused medications.

Moreover, you should always follow the instructions on the packaging of the Candid-V gels to gain proper information.


Apart from the specific interactions that a patient might experience, Candid-V(Clotrimazole) holds various potential interactions. These interactions could be with other medicines and certain other considerations such as:

  • Other antifungal medications
  • Warfarin or other blood thinners
  • Tacrolimus ( medicine used in transplant patients)
  • Insulin
  • Certain forms of contraceptives such as condoms or diaphragms

Additionally, Clotrimazole may interact with a series of herbal products, supplements, and certain over the-counter drugs as well.


Depending on the strength, Candid V gel can be classified into two different formulations. Strength in any medicine refers to the amount of the active ingredient, (Clotrimazole in this case) present in that specific dose.

Candid-V 6 100 Mg has the active ingredient Clotrimazole of 100 mg, whereas the “6” in the name of the medicine indicates that the treatment is meant to be for 6 days. A 100 mg strength is used for treating conditions that require an extended and gradual resolution of symptoms.

On the other hand, Candid-V 3 200 mg has a higher concentration of the active ingredient comparatively. Such a high dosage is prescribed for a robust or shorter course of treatment (3 days) that responds well to a concentrated duration of antifungal therapy.

While both gels are used to treat fungal infections, the strength of it determines what specific purpose it is meant to fulfil.


No matter how well a medicine is dissected and analyzed, the review is what signifies a critical assessment in terms of user feedback. Similarly here’s some feedback in terms of Candid V reviews:

Anonyms| Female| 21 years

I have been using Candid-V gel for my vaginal yeast infection ever since I was in high school. This clotrimazole cream has worked wonders, all my gross discharge came out all at once and relieved me from wearing a pad throughout the day.”

Zed| Male| 27 Years

After months of dermatologist consultation and an uncountable medical bill, a $22 Clotrimazole cream is what came to the rescue for my facial ringworms.”

David| Male| 32 Years

 “Save yourself some money, pain, and time and use Candid V gel for your infections instead of Monistat for seeing immediate improvement.”


In conclusion, Clotrimazole stands out as a highly effective antifungal medication, its versatility extends to its ability to address both common skin infections and more specific conditions such as vaginal yeast infections.

With ease in application, Candid-V gels not only treat existing fungal infections but also stand as a preventive measure for individuals prone to infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is candid-V for men?

Candid-V gel is for men in the sense that it is composed of two chemical components- Clotrimazole and Betamethasone. This composition of medical formulation is focused on treating fungal infection in the genital area and conditions such as balanitis in men.

Is Candid-V gel an antibiotic?

No, Candid-V gel is an antifungal medication and not an antibiotic. The antifungal medicine is composed of Clotrimazole, a chemical agent used to treat fungal infections especially the ones caused by Candida species.

Can Candid V be used in children?

Candid V can be used as an antifungal medicine for children. However, the dosage prescribed for children needs to be altered as per the child’s age, weight, and other specific medical conditions. We suggest that we undergo the guidance of a pediatrician.

Is Candid V safe to use?

Yes, generally speaking, Candid V is quite a safe medicine to use. Having said that, like any other medication, you will face significant side effects or contraindications associated with the prescribed dosage and what reactions your body portrays.

No, Clotrimazole gel is an antifungal medicine whereas for the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs), antibiotics are preferred. Hence, in case you suspect any UTIs, consult your doctor for an antibiotic diagnosis treatment.


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