Celkeran 2 mg (Chlorambucil)

Active Ingredient: Chlorambucil
Dosage Form: Tablet
Available Strength: 2mg
Manufacturer: Celon Laboratories Ltd
Packaging: 30 tablets in 1 bottle
Therapeutic Use: Blood cancer, Hodgkin’s disease
Pack Insert/Leaflet: Yes
Production Capacity: 1 Million Bottle's/Month


Get  Celkeran 2 mg online, a precise solution for cancer. This medicine stands as a pivotal solution in the treatment landscape for a range of blood and lymphatic system cancers. Infused with the active ingredient chlorambucil, a potent member of alkylating agents, this medication embodies a multifaceted approach to cancer therapy.

Chlorambucil, at the heart of Celkeran, operates as a molecular architect, intricately meddling with the DNA structure of cancer cells. In the intricate dance of cellular biology this treatment emerges as a stalwart defender that targets the very essence of cancerous growth. Buy Celkeran 2 mg online for your cancer-related treatment.

Buy Celkeran 2 mg in the US and UK

This tablet is accessible in countries like the US and UK. In adequate amounts, so many reliable and authentic online pharmacies like Specialitymedz are selling this medicine. It’s crucial to note that this treatment isn’t available over the counter like regular drugs or health supplements.

To obtain this medicine from an online, you must have a valid prescription issued by a qualified healthcare professional. If you have the prescription for this medicine, then check the Celkeran 2 mg price on Specialitymedz.

What is Celkeran 2 mg?

Celkeran 2mg is a prolific treatment for cancer, containing chlorambucil as an active ingredient believed to be the strongest competitor for cancer. It is a chemotherapeutic agent. This tablet belongs to the class of drug called alkylating. Celkeran 2 mg for sale is available in tablet form. It is manufactured by a prestigious Indian pharmaceutical company named Celon Laboratories Ltd.

Benefits of Celkeran 2 mg

This medicine possesses several benefits regarding cancer. It is being used to treat various kinds of cancer, such as:

  1. Blood cancer
  2. Hodgkin’s disease

Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma:

A cancer caused by the cells of the lymphatic system

Chronic lymphocytic:

This is the type of bone cancer that used to occur due to the abnormal growth of cells produced by bone marrow.

Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia:

This uncommon condition leads to an excessive production of B-cells and white blood cells, resulting in an abnormal increase of protein in the bloodstream.

How does Celkeran 2 mg work?

When taken orally, chlorambucil acts on the DNA structure of cancer cells, controlling their growth, functions, and multiplication. This medication, an alkylating agent, attaches alkyl groups to cancer DNA, disrupting it and effectively destroying the cancerous cells. Essentially, it halts the abnormal growth of cancer cells produced by your body.

How long do the effects of this medicine last?

The duration this treatment takes to start working depends upon several factors, including the type of cancer targeted, the patient’s overall metabolism, and finally the stage of the cancer. Generally, this medicine starts working immediately after being taken, but in some cases, it takes a week or so to manifest its therapeutic ability.

The majority of people are experiencing a long-lasting effect of the medicine, leading to a complete reduction in cancer cells, although despite its powerful capability in severe cancer cases, Therefore, a necessary discussion with your healthcare provider is your responsibility regarding its effectiveness in your particular scenario.


  1. The dosage of this treatment will vary for different cancers and different people. Your doctor will undergo a diagnosis to determine the appropriate and suitable dose that would be best for your specific conditions.
  2. Once it is determined that following this dosage regimen as per recommendation is quite important to get rid of cancer or prevent it from spreading further, do not hesitate to ask your doctors about any confusion related to dosage.
  3. In case of a missed dose, you do not need to be worried and multiply to recover the missed dose; take it promptly and get back to your prescribed dose from the next dose.
  4. Strictly do not alter your dose without getting approval from your doctor, as overdosing can generate severe side effects, and taking less than the recommended dose will not produce any benefits, and your disease might become more fatal.

Side effects of Celkeran 2 mg

This chemotherapy might generate some side effects, as other medical agents do.

  1. Bone marrow suppression
  2. Mouth sore
  3. Hair losses
  4. Liver problem
  5. Fertility issues
  6. Increased risk of secondary cancer.

Precautions and Warnings for Celkeran 2 mg

  • To achieve the desired and best results from this treatment, the individual should follow some of the precautions and warnings.
  • Make sure to notify your healthcare provider about any medications you’re taking for conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart, or kidney disease.
  • Furthermore, if you have plans to conceive, it’s crucial to consult your doctor. This is because the medication may affect the quality of both eggs and sperm. Your healthcare provider can offer personalized advice according to your individual circumstances.
  • recommended by your doctor to stay tuned with your overall progress or to detect any hidden side effects this medicine is causing.
  • This therapy can weaken your immune system; therefore, stay away from the person who is sick.

Celkeran 2 mg Review

Haily Odegaard

This medicine is a blessing from heaven, and I can proudly can say that just because of this medicine, I am here right now writing these words. This medicine snatched me out of the fist of cancer.

User Telford

I have used several cancer medicines, but I praise this drug because it has relatively fewer side effects than other cancer therapies.

Remmy Kean

This is the best recommendation that my doctor has given me out of the few drugs that I am supposed to use during my cancer treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take this medicine?

Take this medication orally on an empty stomach as the first thing in the morning.

What is the appropriate temperature to store this tablet?

You should store this tablet in the refrigerator at 2°–8°C.

What is the therapeutic class of this medicine?

The therapeutic class of this treatment is anti-neoplastic


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