Temonat 20mg

Temonat 20mg (Temozolomide)

Active Ingredient: Temozolomide
Dosage Form: Capsule
Available Strength: 20mg
Manufacturer: Natco Pharma Ltd.
Packaging: 5 capsules in 1 strip
Therapeutic Use: Brain tumor
Pack Insert/Leaflet: Yes
Production Capacity: 1 Million Capsule's/Month


Temonat 20mg is 100% safe to use in patients who have brain tumors. It is a type of brain cancer in adults with innovatively diagnosed glioblastoma multiform, which is generally helpful in the treatment with radiotherapy, which is a concomitant stage of therapy. After that, it is utilized alone as a monotherapy process.

Temonat 20 is a renowned drug that belongs to a family of Antineoplastic agents that help in curing or eliminating brain cancer. At the same time, the medicine is typically used in eradicating brain tumors in adult people, even though such significant medication can cure brain and spinal cord cancer.

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What is Temonat 20mg?

Taking Temonat 20mg tablet means you can overcome brain cancer. Now, brain tumor patients can get cured with a fast healing process.

It cures specific types of brain cancer in adult people. A popular medicine named Temonat can remove cancers from the brain.

A Glioblastoma condition that causes brain cancer with spinal cancers with symptoms like blurry vision and seizures, so taking this drug can eliminate it.

Temozolomide acts as an active constituent of this anti-cancer, which will eradicate cancers immediately. Natco Pharma Ltd is a manufacturer of an anti-cancer drug called Temonat.

Benefits of Temonat 20mg

The great benefit of taking Temonat tablet is that it can treat cancer cells spread in the brain at first rate.

People suffering from brain tumors can be eliminated easily. The primary symptoms of such types of cancers can be eliminated with this drug. 

People feel nausea, dizziness, and headache when they are affected by brain cancer, so these signs will be removed once they are influenced by cancer growth.

Get this anti-cancer drug that can assist people with the appropriate treatment of brain cancer or brain tumor growth quickly.

How Does It Work?

Temonat 20 mgencompasses one of the active compounds known as Temozolomide that acts remarkably by preventing the growth of DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid-genetic material in the cell, affecting cell expansion and division. Therefore, this anti-cancer drug helps in inhibiting brain tumors from spreading.

How long do the effects of this medicine last?

It takes several days or months for Temonat 20 mgto give you good results and last for a more extended period in the body. 


When taking Temonat 20 tablet, always get consent from doctors first and follow instructions correctly. Take one tablet of Temonat 20mg on a per-day basis.

One pill with water should be consumed. It is better to take two times as recommended by health experts.

After your meals, the medicine can be taken appropriately. Overuse of medicine is prohibited. No miss the medicine’s dosage at all.

Side Effects

There are several side effects of Temonat 20 tablets, including:

  • Fever
  • Dry skin
  • Swelling
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Rash
  • Hair loss
  • Tiredness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Precautions & Warnings

  • Other medicines should be avoided, especially when taking Temonat 20 mg tablet.
  • People consuming such particular drugs cannot be able to drink alcohol.
  • Also, drink water in enough quantity every day.
  • People should not do exercise after taking the drug.
  • If you notice any symptoms after medicine consumption, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Buy the medicine online from a valid online platform.
  • A doctor’s prescription is a must to buy the medicines.
  • Take care of medicine consumption every day in the proper way.

Temonat 20 mg Reviews

You may visit our Temonat 20mg Reviews that will define our medicine as:


When I start taking Temonat 20 mgand keep continuing till so, I can feel I am recovering from brain tumors day by day.


People consuming Temonat tablethas provided an excellent result within a few days of getting rid of many symptoms of cancers.


Taking this medication regularly has improved my condition and i am pleased to get Temonat 20 mgwhich has given me an excellent curing option for brain cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Temonat 20mg safe in children?

Temonat 20 mg is not safe in below 3 years of age, and above 3 years old children are recommended to take this medicine.

Can Temonat 20 lower your blood cells?

Yes, taking Temonat 20 can lower white blood cell count so that your doctors will monitor your blood cells.

How long can I take Temonat 20 mg?

Temonat 20 mg is recommended to be taken for more days or months, and it should be left unless doctors indicate anything to quit it.

Do patients with diabetes use Temonat tablets?

Yes, Temonat tablets can be used by diabetic patients, which can increase blood sugar levels, so consult your doctors before taking such medication.

How much Temonat 20mg is safe for people?

Temonat 20mg is safe for people to take after being prescribed by doctors.


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