Asthalin Respules

Asthalin Respules (Salbutamol)

Active Ingredient: Salbutamol
Dosage Form: Packets
Available Strength: 2.5mg
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 2.5 ml in 1 packet
Therapeutic Use: Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
Pack Insert/Leaflet: Yes
Production Capacity: 1 Million Packet's/Month


A medicine that helps keep your breathing problems at bay is called Asthalin Respules. However, people have difficulty breathing, which can be easily cured and eliminated. However, it is one of the popular inhalers that can provide a complete inhaling process; such a drug will give you the best solution to recover from asthma.

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What is Asthalin Respules?

When any of the persons of your family members or any person has problems in difficulties in breathing so, you have the best option to choose this asthalin inhaler, which will provide a complete solution of using this inhaler which will obstruct your breathing and the most effective treatment for removing your breathing issues that help in relieving signs of coughing, wheezing, and shortness in breath. Asthma is a breathing trouble in which the airways become swelling and narrow, along with releasing additional mucus and causing trouble in breathing.

However, this inhaler incorporates an active ingredient called Salbutamol, which is a combination of drugs known as Bronchodilators that ultimately helps in curing chronic breathing problems that occur due to narrowing and inflaming of airways. Cipla Ltd has manufactured this inhaler to an innovative level.


Using Asthalin Respules can help in getting rid of trouble in breathing; it is considered one of the best medications that give a proper solution to helping people with treating in shortness of breath; however, such a drug helps in treating that particular condition of breathing problems easily and quickly. On the other hand, Asthalin is a superb way to give you the correct solution for taking a breath in properly. Moreover, this inhaler medication is a fantastic solution to treat your difficulty breathing and prevent asthma attacks. Furthermore, this medication is usually available to cure all your asthma-related conditions, and with this, you can take a breath properly and clearly.

How Does It Work?

Asthalin, which contains salbutamol as an active compound, also helps get rid of breathing troubles. It helps make your inhaling easier and more transparent and also soothes muscle areas, which extends the airflow area and relaxes your breathing.


The dosage of taking Asthalin Respules is more accessible, and people can use it two to three times a day. Apart from that, you can also take more than twice when you experience a severe asthma attack. However, this is a popular medication that can give you a proper solution to taking fresh breaths quickly and smoothly. Take Asthalin two times a day, which can help you to take a breath easily without any trouble.

Missed Dose

Missing the dose of Asthalin Respules can lead to several problems and side effects, although try not to skip the Dose of Asthalin anymore, which can cause multiple health conditions.


Taking Overdose an of Asthalin Respulse leads to many detrimental health problems and can also increase your breathing problems. Thus, it is best to leave an overdose of such Asthalin medication fast and immediately.


There are different strengths of Asthalin Respules found in the market, and widely used ones include:

How long do the effects of this medicine last?

Get the impact of Asthalin Respules several hours, but you need to use it only when you notice the signs of wheezing, coughing, tightness of the chest, and other associated conditions.

Asthalin Respules side effects

The side effects of Asthalin Respules include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Headache
  • Muscle tightness
  • Dryness or soreness of the throat
  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Nasal congestion (stuffy nose)


Using Asthalin Respulse can help people take breaths quickly and clearly. With such medication, people can soon get to take breath properly without any difficulty. However, using this medicine gives people a perfect solution for taking breaths swiftly and fast. However, symptoms like tightness in the chest, enough coughing, and other signs related to this can quickly cure such Asthma attack conditions.

Precautions And Warnings

Protect yourself from dust, pollution, and pollen. Quit smoking and alcohol as fast as possible you can. Smoking also reduces the effectiveness of asphalt efficiently. Eat healthy foods and try to add exercise to your routine daily to strengthen your breathing muscles and improve your immune health as well.

Safety Advice

Do not try to take other medicines while using Asthalin anymore. However, you should always try to take the medication that is recommended to you. With proper safety advice, you need to drink enough water throughout the day, although the best time to use this medicine is only when you have the best way to overcome it, so don’t use it in excess amounts.


Asthalin Respules Reviews updates its comments, including:


It is too good to use for making your breathing easier.


Using Asthalin Respules helped my son to get rid of asthma.


I am absolutely fine using this Asthalin medication, which is an ideal option to make your breathing fast and smooth.


I am alright now using this inhaler medication.


Taking these Asthalin Respules can assist people in breathing faster and easier.


Finally, we find the Asthalin Respulse, which is one of the best-known inhalers that can help overcome breathing troubles. It’s time to get these inhaler medicines that give you the fastest relaxation in breathing to asthma problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asthalin Respules safe for kids?

Asthalin Respules are prescribed for children below 2 years old children, so talk to your doctors regarding such matters.

What is the age limit for Asthalin Respules?

Asthalin Respules can be taken above two to three years of age, as recommended by doctors.

Who should not take Asthalin?

People should avoid taking Asthalin when they have heart-related symptoms, and if your doctors prescribe this medication, then it should be used only.

Can Asthalin be used daily?

Asthalin is determined to be used daily.


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