What is an infusion?

Infusion is a way to treat a patient who cannot take the medicine orally. Generally, hospitalized patients are given treatment through infusion; it is directly given in the vein. A catheter or needle is used to give infusion; the critical aspect of this way of treatment is the speed at which the medicine enters the body, which is controlled.

How important is it?

Patients who are unable to take medication orally have to be treated with infusion; there is no other way. In infusion, the amount and speed of the medicine can be controlled. There are many medicines that are given through infusion, antibiotics, biological, chemotherapy, fluids, intravenous gamma globulin, pain management, hemophilia factor therapy, and parental and eternal nutrition, to name a few. The procedure of infusion is a bit tricky, which is why it has to be done with a medical practitioner only. The wrong practice could lead to severe damage to health.

How well capable Specialitymedz is to manufacture infusion

Infusion is also called IV set, and it has four steps of production- Filling, Pressurizing, Cooling, and Re-moulding. These four steps decide the framing nature of our items. These four steps must be continuous, and duplication is possible after completion.

Our experts at the plant make sure individual components are manufactured by the molding process using molds on various molding machines. Moreover, for all the following methods, we have modern machinery for all the processes at all stages of manufacturing. The expert team at Speciality medz is there to monitor all the processes from the luer lock connector to the Y connector and tube.

Every subassembly, along with tubes, is assembled on the final assembly machine to make the final product. IV Set Manufacturing is then packed and sealed on an automatic packing machine.  A fully packed pouch is then sterilized in a sterilization plant.

Advantages to choosing Specialitymedz as a partner

There are multiple ways that Specialitymedz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical can help you with your healthcare business. Speciality medz have over a decade of experience, and the company’s promoters have over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. We are led by a team that has set up a company with one of the most admirable growth stories in the form of Specialitymedz.

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Just go through a list of advantages of doing business with Specialitymedz.

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