Understanding Inhalers

Asthma, COPD, and all respiratory diseases are increasing in all the countries of all continents. From children to adults, all age groups are facing asthma and other respiratory systems, and the reasons are various from environmental issues, habits, certain medications, and heredity or birth defects.

Specialitymedz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical, is becoming a market leader in manufacturing all kinds of inhalers. We have our own products, and we provide contract and third-party manufacturing services as well.

Product Overview

Inhalers are generally two kinds, preventers and relievers, and within these two types, there are multiple others. Some are prefilled; some are used with post-fill medicines. All inhaler packages come with a device with medicine if prefilled, a leaflet describing how to use the product, and other product details. The product’s outer packaging and design are self-explanatory. Inhalers fall under use with prescription-only medicine, meaning a user needs to have a prescription from authorized health providers.

Specialitymedz manufacturing, exporting, and supplying inhalers

We have all the facilities for manufacturing, exporting, and supplying inhalers of all kinds. Our specialty is to produce low-cost inhalers that meet international standards. We have our own products, and we offer contract manufacturing as well. We have a capacity of 1 million inhalers along with its medications. Inhalers demand special packaging and we have a dedicated department equipped to handle and manage all sorts of production capacity. With storage and transportation facilities, speciality medz is all set to tackle your orders, so don’t wait and contact us.

How Specialitymedz Provides the Best Business Opportunities

An international hub of pharmaceutical manufacturing is India, and speciality medz is based here. Specialitymedz advantage is that we have been in the business for over a decade, and promoters of Specialitymedz have over two decades of healthcare experience. We have created an environment at our business that is customer-centric, and we have included it in our vision and mission.

At the time of inception, we designed a business model with the vision of togetherness. We believe growing together with our clients gives satisfaction and stability, which are the best outcomes for any business.

Benefits of doing business with Specialitymedz:

  • We have set no minimum order criteria.
  • Digital and IT-based transparent process from placing an order to delivery.
  • With transparent facilities throughout the process from ordering to delivery, speciality medz is here to serve you with international standards.
  • If you want to visit our manufacturing plant to see the workflow, you are always welcome.
  • At specialitymedz, we aim to provide manufacturing and related services at low cost; we can achieve it as we are set in India.
  • 24*7 support will be given to all the clients irrespective of their origin country.
  • Speciality Medz is committed to providing world-class pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.
  • Speciality Medz has all domestic certifications and WHO-GMP certifications for manufacturing pharmaceutical products.
  • Our website is a multitasker; you can order, connect, and view the process of production and everything related to your order through our website.
  • Choose your suitable payment from the multiple options we provide.