The healthcare market is flooded with creams-ointment manufacturers; Speciality Medz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical is one name that has proven to international quality products with WHO and GMP norms and regulations at affordable prices. Based in India, the world’s pharmaceutical hub, Specialitymedz has spread its footprints in most countries, covering all continents.

What is Creams-Ointment?

Both creams and ointment are applicable externally on the body; creams have equal amounts of water and oil, and ointment has 80 percent oil and 20 percent water this is the basic difference between them. There are multiple different uses of creams and ointment forms. Creams are mainly used for infection and allergies, whereas ointment is primarily used in skincare and other conditions.

Types of Creams-Ointment that Specialitymedz manufacture

Speciality medz has a manufacturing facility and capacity at the plant to produce all kinds of creams and ointments, which include Milled steroids, intermediate potency steroids, potent steroids, super potent steroids, anti-itching, immunomodulatory, skin medication, topical inhibitors, and all others.

We have experts and machinery created for all sorts of creams and ointment formulas. Clients give us the formula, and our highly professional teams will do the rest. They will also suggest if there is something that needs to change for the betterment of the product.

Cream-Ointment is a specialty of Specialitymedz

We have dedicated departments for producing cream appointments that work in 100 % synchronization. From Manufacturing capacity, expert staff, and facilities at the plant- quality raw materials, formula understanding, updated machines, packaging, storage, logistics for shipping, and every batch being monitored, we have developed a system that is achieving all the daily goals with perfection and accuracy.

Perks in doing business with us

We have created a business environment based on the idea of growing together. To achieve this goal, we have developed a customer-centric working style. We want to continue on the path of our vision and mission and thrive with our clients on the healthcare journey for everyone.

We are organized and futuristic and believe in precision in each step we take on a daily basis. The following are a few perks of being associated with us.

  • Our vision and mission are our driving force to make medicine available at the lowest possible cost.
  • Specialitymedz has been a one-stop solution in terms of manufacturing and related services.
  • Our company has WHO-GMP certifications with all other necessary domestic certifications.
  • Place an order and relax; all the other responsibilities are taken care of.
  • Client can come to our manufacturing plant and see the work in process.
  • There are no minimum order criteria to do business with us.
  • Placing an order and the delivery is an easy process.
  • We have provided multiple and secure payment options.
  • Our website has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate.
  • We give 24*7 customer support.