Specialitymedz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical, has a dedicated manufacturing plant with all the facilities to produce Gel. This form of the drug is popular among users, but it requires a speciality to manufacture. Speciality medz gained the experience and has been manufacturing customized Gel for our customers for over a decade.

Gel as a Product

Specialitymedz understands the product gel and the nature of all the different ingredients that are needed to create different kinds of gels. The Gel is a formula and product used in various niches like medicine, beauty, skincare, hair care, etc. It is easy to use as it is an applicable product; a person must apply it to a particular body part. Speciality Medz manufactures all kinds of Gel for all niches.

Gels are a type of drug that is usually used in cosmetics and treatments for skin diseases, hair and bacterial diseases. Many studies have found that it has more advantages than other forms like cream and ointment.

The facility at Speciality medz to produce Gel

As a manufacturer, we have a state-of-the-art facility at our plant, which is based in India and has become a hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our facility is located in the most thriving state of the country, Gujarat, which is the highest contributor to the national GDP.

To produce Gel, the manufacturing plant requires a unique and dedicated unit that speciality medz has. We have been manufacturing Gel with all the needed equipment, workforce, and regularities since 2015. Specialitymedz formed different gels from a mixture of a gelator, solvent, active drug, and other excipients, and we are into both organogels and hydrogels.

The gel industry and its future

Many of the largest manufacturers of medical and cosmetic Gel are based in India, and the industry is growing at a rapid speed; there are many reports to support this view. The use of disinfectant gel in the medical gel category is going to rise, according to many experts, especially in the USA and China. The future of the gel industry is bright, and it will grow year after year as the demand is huge from retail consumers, along with hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other mediums.

Why to choose Specialitymedz?

Specialitymedz doesn’t build customers; we build relationships. We firmly believe in building relationships and extending families that stand for each other. The healthcare business has seen lots of ups and downs, and we have stood along with our customers, and our customers stand shoulder to shoulder with us. We are aware that providing quality products is not the only criteria a client is looking for; a client is looking for trust. Especially if the client is from overseas, trust comes first more than anything else.

We are proud to have built it among all our clients, and that is the reason we have a 97% repeat customer base.

We offer some unmatched services, and that is why we have been able to grow exponentially well over the decade. Below are some of the point that distinguishes us:

  • World-class products at the lowest possible cost: this is our goal with each of our client.
  • No minimum order criteria.
  • When it comes to low-cost manufacturing and related services, Specialitymedz is the name to look for, yes we are that confident about our system and the network that we have built.
  • We have a dedicated department for customer services to provide 24*7 support.
  • With all domestic certifications, speciality medz also has WHO-GMP certifications.
  • Just place our order and leave the rest to us; we provide transparent facilities through which you will be monitoring our process.
  • Our clients can always visit the plant and go through the workflow at any stage of the manufacturing and related process.
  • Digital and IT-based transparent process from placing an order to delivery.
  • Multiple and secure payment options.
  • User-friendly interface of our website.