Brown Inhaler

Brown Inhaler (Beclometasone)

Active Ingredient Beclometasone
Indication: Severe allergic reactions, Allergy symptoms, Asthma
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 200 MDI in 1 Inhaler
Strength: 200mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days

Brown Inhaler (Beclometasone) - 200mg

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Medical practitioners put Brown Inhaler in one of the top positions in the best steroid-based inhaler category that treats asthma, severe allergic reactions, and allergy symptoms. This inhaler has some specific way of use, other than how it works, the dosages, benefits, side effects, and precautions, such as points that need to be known before a patient starts using it.

What is Brown Inhaler?

Corticosteroids are what this inhaler falls under the class; it is a type of steroid with Beclometasone as a core element; this inhaler works on the symptoms of asthma, so it cannot be called a primary treatment for the same. This is a great product called the Brown inhaler, which comes in the form of Beclate Rotacaps. Also, they give excellent relief for asthma. They are manufactured by Cipla, an Indian company. Cipla is leading the pharmaceutical industry at the global level with decades of inventions and production of various diseases with acute care and treatment. 

The package of this medicine includes an inhaler, a brown-colored preloaded medicine, and an instruction manual with details regarding its use, and others. This inhaler is also known as a brown inhaler. 

You can place a Brown Inhaler online order from the online pharmacy, but make sure the pharmacy is trusted and authentic. 

How to use it? 

Simplicity is a perfect word for this inhaler when it comes to use; the instruction manual explains the use very well; therefore, reading it before use is highly recommended.  

  • To begin with, shake the inhaler just before you intend to use it 
  • Open the mouthpiece of the inhaler 
  • Put the mouthpiece of the inhaler right in your mouth without letting a space open between your lips 
  • Push the button on the top of the inhaler 
  • Medicine will enter the mouth in a powder form 
  • Hold the breath for 10 – 15 seconds 
  • Do it for as many doses as advised by the health provider 
  • Bring out the inhaler from the mouth 
  • It is a good practice to clean the mouthpiece of the inhaler after use and close it 

How Does It Work? 

Asthma is directly related to inflammation caused by chemical release from cells in the lungs and the air path that carries the air. When inflammation starts, over a period, the air path and cells become congested and weak; Brown Inhaler with the core element, Beclometasone, broadens and strengthens them. As a result, inflammation gets controlled, and the air path carries air without any obstacles. This is how symptoms of asthma get controlled, and a person gets relief.  

Buy Brown Inhaler Online USA 

Beclometasone is the core element in Brown Inhaler that works wonders with the air path and cells of the lungs and it is approved by the FDA. This approval makes Buy Brown Inhaler Online legal in the entire country. You can buy it from any online pharmacy, but make sure it is authentic and sells quality products, like


This is the most important aspect of any medicine; if the user understands it and obeys the rules regarding dosage made and written in the prescription by the health provider, the half battle is won. 

Missed Dose

This is the first flaw of the treatment; missing a dose is a break in the treatment chain and can delay the recovery. Set the alarm or do something that reminds you of a dose, but if it still somehow happens, then do check the time of the next one, and if it is near, then take that one only. 


Overdose may invite some side effects if done frequently, so if that happens, keep a close watch of any side effects appearing, and if dose seeking the guidance of the health provider is the best way forward. 

All dosages: 

Brown Inhaler has all these dosages, and the health provider will suggest one of them: 50 mcg, 100 mcg, 200 mcg, and 250 mcg. 

Beclate Rotacaps are capsules that can be bought and used with an inhaler. Beclate Rotacaps 400mcg is one of its strengths. 

Benefits of Brown Inhaler

  • Cells of the lungs and air path get broadened, strengthen
  • Inflammation reduces the air path 
  • Air passes smoothly from the air path 
  • Inhale and exhale exercise eases 
  • Symptoms of asthma reduce 
  • Daily activities become regular again 
  • Exercise, playing, and handling of heavy work can be done 
  • Mental peace is achieved as asthma symptoms are reduced 

Side effects 

Very insignificant side effects might appear only if the prescription is not obeyed properly. 

  • Change in voice 
  • Sore throat 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Cough 
  • Vomiting 
  • Nausea 
  • Indigestion 
  • Pain in chest 
  • Vision blur 
  • Headache 
  • Rash 
  • Increasing heartbeat 

Precautions and Warnings 

Brown Inhaler will give you the desired results only if you take very good care of some of the precautions and warnings attached to it. 

  • If a patient wants the medicine to work exactly the way it should, the prescription must be obeyed .
  • In the case of any side effects, seek the further guidance of the health provider without delay. 
  • Store the medicine below 25 degrees Celsius. 
  • Do not let children and animals reach out to the medicine; it may harm them.
  • No matter what, do not change or stop the dose by self.

Safety Advice 


If a patient knows from past experience that Beclometasone creates allergic reactions, the health provider must know this.  

Severe diseases:

Heart, brain, diabetes, blood pressure, or any other diseases must be informed to the health provider; it will help to create a suitable prescription. 


There is no evidence of interaction, but asking the health provider is the best practice before consuming alcohol with this inhaler.


There is no side effect that will affect driving capabilities, so driving is possible, but if you see any dizziness, do not drive and talk to the health provider.


The medicine might interact with the changes a pregnant woman has, so it is better to talk with the health provider before starting this. 


With the limited data, it is impossible to predict if the medicine will pass in human milk or not; talking with the health provider regarding this is the best way ahead. 

Kidney and liver:

There is no sign of this medicine affecting the kidneys or liver; with that reference, patients can use this medicine under the strict guidance of the health provider. 


Brown Inhaler Reviews will make you put your trust in this medicine; the reviews are available on the internet and on this web portal as well.

Shaun | Male | 64 Years 

Asthma was killing me each day until my health provider suggested me this inhaler. I was not keen to use it as it sounded difficult to use, but to my surprise, it was a piece of cake. It’s been a while now since I have been using it, and asthma is taking my leave; I am happy. 

Joshua | Male | 40 Years 

It is tough to live with asthma; I have seen my mother. Now it was my turn, but thankfully, my health provider gave me this insanely amazing inhaler. It literally made my life easy to the extent that now I can walk and run with my Tommy, who was sad more than me as I was not able to play with him. 


Corticosteroid Beclometasone based in the Brown inhaler is the way to a healthy future for asthmatics, severe allergic reactions, and Allergy symptoms as it will give ease in life and daily activities. But as this med falls into use with prescription-only medicine, one must get it from the health provider. Know the use of this inhaler, and the instructions manual in the box will come in handy with that. With a broadened and strengthened air path and cells of the lungs, air will pass smoothly, and a patient will get rid of asthma symptoms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after using an inhaler can you drink water? 

It is safe to drink water, but first, after taking the dose, one must rinse the water in the mouth and split it. After this exercise, wait for a few minutes, and then you can drink water or any other liquid. 

How long do you have to hold your breath after an inhaler? 

After each dose, one must hold the breath for at least 10 to 15 seconds; this exercise will make sure the medicine doesn’t enter your bloodstream because that condition will create severe health issues. 

How long will the Beclometasone inhaler be used?

The period of using Beclometasone will differ from human to human, but generally, one should use it as long as the health provider suggests. 

Being a diabetic, what should I remember while taking Brown Inhaler?

Diabetic patients need dose adjustment, so they must first inform and discuss with their health provider. The reason is this inhaler may affect the production or the effect of insulin, which could be dangerous for a diabetic patient. 


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