Otc Inhaler

Otc Inhaler (Salbutamol)

Active Ingredient: Salbutamol
Dosage Form: Inhaler
Available Strength: 100mcg
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 200 MDI in 1 Inhaler
Therapeutic Use: Asthma
Pack Insert/Leaflet: Yes
Production Capacity: 1 Million Inhaler's/Month


Asthma and Otc inhaler have become two sides of a coin; in the past few years, this medicine has become frequently used for asthma and predominantly respiratory diseases. 

This is one of the many gems the Cipla has created to treat different diseases and help humankind manage their health in this fast-changing lifestyle. Asthma is a disease directly related to a human being’s breathing system, which is the core system to live or, in other words, to exist. 

The Otc Inhaler was made for asthma after in-depth research and understanding of how asthma is created and how it affects our respiratory system. There are many reasons for asthma, such as bad air quality, smoke, allergies, infections in the respiratory system, human habits, obesity, family history, and others.  

Where can I buy Otc Inhaler? 

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How to use it? 

Though consuming this medicine is more complex than other tablets, it is still made with simplicity, and you must use the inhaler.

For example, if you are prescribed Asthalin 4mg, you should take the inhaler in your hand and shake well before you take your Dose; put the mouthpiece of the inhaler between your lips in a way that there should be no path left open, now you have to push the button like thing on top of the inhaler to let the medicine enter in your mouth which will enter in a powder form, take a deep breath from your mouth and hold it for at least 10 to 15 seconds, please do not take a breath from your nose, your Dose is taken, and you can remove your inhaler from the mouth. 

Many patients forget to take some water in their mouth after some time, rinse it for a few seconds, and split it; rinsing will keep you away from mouth-related side effects.     

How Does It Work? 

Asthma is related to air not being able to pass from the air path and lack of oxygen created in your body; the Otc inhaler dose, with the help of the core element Salbutamol, repairs the congested, weakened and clams down muscles of air paths and let the air pass in sufficient amount in the lungs. This way, a person can inhale and exhale correctly, and the effects of asthma vanish. 

Buy Otc Inhaler Online USA 

About 27 million people are diagnosed with asthma in the USA, which is 1 in every 12 adults. The air quality is considered reasonable in the USA compared to other third-world countries, but the reasons for asthma differ. Some of the significant reasons are obesity, smoking, allergies, human habits, and family history. 

However, Otc inhalers are available in the USA, and that is the relief; you can place your Otc Inhaler online order from a reputed online pharmacy like specialitymedz.com, which only sells FDA-approved medicines.   


As you visit your health provider, you will be examined physically and through some blood and other tests, and based on that, your health provider customizes your prescription to take an Otc inhaler or Asthalin Respules, and you must obey it unthinkingly. 

Missed Dose 

Make this a practice: whenever you forget to do a dose, you first check the time of the next one as you remember, and if the time is near, you take that one only. But missing a Dose will delay the healing process, so keep that in mind and never miss a dose. 


Overdosing is an open invitation to side effects, and it should not happen frequently; if you do, then connect with your health provider to seek further guidance to tackle the side effects. 


Otc Inhaler is going to bring your life back on track, meaning you can take part in your daily activities and some special activities you have been avoiding. 

  • Clears congestion weakness and calms down the air path of the lungs 
  • Let the air pass through smoothly 
  • Increases inhale and exhale 
  • Oxygen reaches all parts of the body in an ample amount 
  • Improves asthma condition and overall health 
  • Enables you to restart daily activities at full throttle 
  • You will be able to play with your kid and run with your pet 
  • Otc inhaler will add years to your life 

Side Effects 

The following side effects may occur but they are very insignificant, if they stay with you for longer time then seek guidance from your health provider: 

  • Cough 
  • Vomiting 
  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea 
  • Indigestion 
  • Headache 
  • Chest and back pain  
  • Muscle pain or cramp 
  • Heartbeat increasing 
  • Respiratory tract infection and inflammation 

Storage and Disposal 


  • The inhaler must be kept under 30 degrees Celsius 
  • Make sure children and animals do not reach the medicine 
  • Exposure to direct sunlight or moisture will damage the medicine and its effectiveness  


  • Check the medicine’s expiry date, and if you find out that it is expired, dispose of it 
  • Do not through it out in regular garbage may damage a human being’s or an animal’s health 
  • Medical waste is the right place to dispose of medicine 
  • Get the information related to medical waste from your pharmacist or health provider 

Precautions and Warnings 

With Otc Inhaler you need to take care of some precautions and warning for the maximum benefits and less hustle.

  • Talk to your health provider regarding any health condition that you have. 
  • Make sure you tell about allergies from Salbutamol or any other medicines. 
  • If you have heart disease, liver or kidney-related issues, or if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, you must first talk with your doctor regarding these things. 
  • Do not consume alcohol with an Otc inhaler; it is undoubtedly going to invite side effects. 
  • Driving could be risky if you have dizziness and sleepiness, which are some of the side effects of using this inhaler.   


This drug might interact with certain drugs and foods that you need to take care of 

Drug interaction: 

  • Low blood pressure medicines  
  • Psychic disorder medicines 
  • Other medicines for asthma 
  • Cholesterol controller medicines 
  • Diabetes medicines  
  • Anti-infection 
  • Pain killers 


Otc Inhaler Reviews will help you build trust in this medicine; here are some reviews that are available to refer to. 

Mark | Male | 36 Years 

I had seen my father dealing with asthma, and when I was recently diagnosed with it, I thought my life was ruined. However, it was so lovely of my health provider to guide me; he gave me confidence by saying not to trust me. Trust the medicine that has been made by 100 brains working together to fight against asthma. He suggested Otc, and I am so thankful to him; I can now do all my work without any physical obstacles. 

Georgia | Female | 55 Years 

I was devastated when I found out that I had asthma because I was planning for my retirement with peace. However, I was relaxed when I learned about the Otc inhaler through my health provider. I have been using it for quite some time now, and I have regained my confidence as I am feeling much healthier again.     


Otc Inhaler has been super effective on asthma and related respiratory disease, as breathing is essential. If someone goes through a problem with it, life becomes challenging. Salbutamol, the core element in this medicine, will clear air paths and make it easy to inhale and exhale. Now, do not let your life be ruined. Use Otc and keep your shoes on. You can Buy Otc Inhaler Online from a genuine web pharmacy like specialitymedz.com and be relaxed regarding quality, delivery, payment, and information safety and security. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to take Otc Inhaler if I have heart disease? 

Heart disease is a delicate issue, and you need to take very good care; the best thing you should do is you must visit your health provider and discuss it. After your detailed examination, your health provider will guide you on whether this inhaler is safe for you or not. 

Is the Salbutamol inhaler addictive?

There is no evidences that suggest that this medicine is addictive. However, it is your duty to better your health, and once your Dose is over, you must consult with your health provider rather than continue the medicine yourself. 

How long will this inhaler be used? 

Every person will need it for different periods, so your health provider will be the best judge to tell you the exact duration of using this inhaler.  

When should I take Otc Inhaler? 

Any time of the day is good to take this inhaler. Remember that your health provider will tell you one specific time, and you must obey it. 


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