Intro to Ampoule

Speciality Medz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical is a specialist manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of all sorts of medicine that includes Ampoules. Ampoule is a traditional way to keep or preserve medicine, and it is still being used in modern-day medical practice. Health providers are very much used to ampoules; they are easy to use and safe, and everyone has also accepted them on the manufacturing level. Though it is made of delicate glass, the medical fraternity has been comfortable using it.

The Product

An ampoule is a small bottle that carries injectable medicines. They come in different types of medicine that treat various diseases. The glass helps to keep and preserve the medicine for an ample amount of time. The health providers will use a metal knife to break it from the top and fill the syringe.

Manufacturing-wise, this is a productthat requires a specialized plant setup. Storage is also very crucial and demands customized construction and facilities.

Speciality Medz is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Ampoule

From its inception, Specialitymedz has been a company that believes in the diversification of products. Ampoule has always been on the list, and the company, in the early stages, started manufacturing this type of drug. We grow positively every year in this section of medicine, and today, we are in a very competitive position in the market when it comes to manufacturing, supplying, and exporting Ampoule all around the globe.

Capabilities of manufacturing, supply, and export Ampoule

We have consistently improved our capacity to produce ampoules over the years and made specific improvements and updates in the plant at both the technological and workforce levels.

What are the benefits of doing business with Specialitymedz?

We have created a company with a customer-centric approach and follow it in all our endeavours. We have always seen our company from the POV of clients, which has made us more profitable because if the customer is happy and benefits, the company benefits naturally.

Our offers are unmatched, the quality of our products is up to the mark, we deliver on the date we promise, our packaging is par excellence, and with sufficient storage and logistics, we are here to serve you the way you want.