What is jelly form medicine?

Jelly is a form of medicine that contains the same ingredients, but the form of the medicine is not hard like a tablet and is not covered by a coat of capsule material. It is in the form of a gelatine, a kind of wet sponge that is hard and soft at the same time.

Jelly has been used in medicinal forms for a long and many medicines for various diseases have jelly-formed medicines.

Types of jelly used in the medical field

Medicated jelly:

Medicated jelly is medicine only in the form of jelly; it was invented considering various modern reasons that started appearing, such as elderly patients being unable to swallow and jelly form being easy to do so. With equivalent and, in most cases, exact ingredients with exact efficacy jelly, formed medicine treats the diseases efficiently.

There are jelly-formed medications that are used to treat skin and hair-related conditions; other than this, beauty with medicinal supplement products is also available in the form of jelly. So, there are both external uses of jelly and consumable uses of medicated jelly.

Lubricant jelly:

There is medical equipment that needs to be lubricated before use that includes surgical equipment, lab instruments, surgical gloves, cystoscopes, and catheters.

Miscellaneous jelly:

There are multiple patch testing and electrocardiography that require jelly; miscellaneous jelly is used in this work.

What are the advantages of jelly-formed medicines?

  • Elderly patients can’t swallow, so jelly is helpful for them.
  • It can be formed with specific taste and even tasteless, so children can use them as well.
  • One of the best advantages is jelly can be consumed anywhere and anytime because its handling is easy. Moreover, jelly can be consumed without water.
  • It can melt fast compared to tablets and mixed in the blood so the work of the medicine starts faster.
  • Another important use is for the specially-abled, someone who is travelling and doesn’t have access to water.
  • Most jellies are inexpensive, and one reason is the manufacturing is comparatively low cost.
  • The form jelly can sustain more drug elements so higher doses are possible with this form.

Specialitymedz manufactures, exports, and supplies different forms of jellies

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Proposed services of Specialitymedz

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