The structure of the medical needle

A hub, shaft, and bevel these three parts create a needle, which is called a hypodermic needle in medical terms. Mainly, it is used to inject medicine in a liquid form through the skin. There are different structures of needles used to be injected into the various layers of the skin.

What is the use of a needle in the medical field?

Needles are used in treatment where medicines have to be injected into the body directly to meet the need for speedy and direct treatment. The use of the needle is more often seen in hospitals or health centers by health providers, be it a doctor or nursing staff. In the last few decades, patients have started using needles themselves, too, in the case of insulin, protein, and other treatments. An appropriate procedure needs to be followed by the user to use a needle.

How many types of needles are there?

There are majorly 16mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 40 mm needles used in medical practices, at the same time, needle comes in the length of ½ to 1 inch and all the sizes are for different and specific uses. ½ inch needle and 1 inch will be used in intravenous injection and intramuscular injection respectively.

Manufacturing, exporting, and supplying needle

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Services Specialitymedz offers to the clients

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Our services:

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