What is oral-film?

New treatments are on the horizon all the time with modern medical science working hard to treat different diseases and affected patients. Oral film is one such form of medicine that is very helpful, and it is like a paper strip with medicinal properties that are to be put on the tongue.

For whom oral-film is useful?

The oral-film form of medicine was specially designed for elderly patients along with patients who are infants and newborns. The reason for designing this form of medicine is that these patients are unable to swallow tablets, capsules, or even syrup forms easily, so oral-film forms will be easy for them to consume.

Different types of oral-film

Oral films are of Mucoadhesive and non-mucoadhesive, with three sub-division:

  • Sublingual oral-films
  • Buccal oral-films
  • Palatal oral-films

With this oral film form patients who cannot take other alternative medicine have a chance to get treated.

How to use oral-film?

The three types of oral films have three different uses:

Sublingual oral films need to be put under the tongue, where they will dissolve with saliva and start the treatment.

Buccal oral films: This type of film needs to be put inside the mouth on the cheek side and remain there for 5 seconds; within this time, the film will dissolve and reach the body.

Palatal oral-films: place the film on the palate, and in 5 seconds, it will mixed in saliva and start its effects.

Oral films are manufactured, exported, and supplied by Specialitymedz

Oral films are becoming popular among patients because of their convenience, and health providers also suggest this form of medicine often. Specialitymedz always believes in updating and staying relevant in the market; following this vision, we have started manufacturing oral-films.

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Association with Specialitymedz is advantageous

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Services Specialitymedz offers to the clients

Manufacturing and related services are crucial when it comes to pharmaceutical products, and that is why Specialitymedz provides all the following services with utmost precision, specification, and customization.

Our services:

  1. Manufacturing pharmaceutical product line
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  6. Manufacturing service
  7. Packaging
  8. Storage
  9. Shipping with all legal processes