Diabetes is like an epidemic that has been affecting millions of people every year for decades now. Modern medical science has invented medicines to tackle diabetes, but the most fantastic device for diabetes is a glucose meter, which is also called a glucometer. It was the need of the hour device as diabetes is a massive disease, and patients need to check and monitor diabetes.

What is a Glucometer?

A glucometer is a specially designed machine for the purpose of measuring type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Basically, glucometers measure glucose in the blood and give instant results. It is very accurate, and health providers prescribe it to patients who need to monitor their diabetes in the case of too much fluctuation. It helps health providers to decide the dose of the medicine.

How to use and how does the Glucometer work?

It is a very simple device; the user must put a strip in the Glucometer, which is provided alongside. A needle with the Glucometer needs to be poked in the finger, and as the blood comes out, it should be captured on the strip in the Glucometer. The device will read the blood and show the blood sugar level.

The facility at Speciality medz to produce Glucometer

Specialitymedz, a subsidiary of Actiza Pharmaceutical started manufacturing Glucometer a few years ago. We started it after our clients began insisting on it, and out of respect and love, we have started manufacturing and assembling Glucometer with proper packaging and delivery. It works, and it looks simple, but it is not. It is a small but complex device. The glucose measurement is performed by standard amperometric blood glucose detection using glucose oxidase.

Specialitymedz has the technologies and setups at the plant that are necessary for the manufacturing of Glucometer. We have our custom-made design, and we also do contract and third-party manufacturing based on the client’s design and patent. With Glucometer, speciality medz also manufactures strips and needles, creating the complete glucometer device package.

Services Specialitymedz offer associated with manufacturing Glucometer

We at SpecialityMedz offer to manufacture the whole package of glucometers. By producing Glucometer, we will also provide:

  • Confidentiality of the product, design, and copyright protection.
  • Regulatory services.
  • Acquiring raw materials.
  • Simultaneous packaging with accurate design and size.
  • Storage facility right up till the client wants.
  • Product demo after a batch is completed.
  • Delivery to the mentioned address.
  • Paperwork of all the shipment.

Advantages to associate with Speciality Medz

Specialitymedz works with the approach of building a great relationship with our clients. Businesses grow if the relationship is healthy and trust is the core element. The healthcare business shows a lot of tremors, and if we are together, we can stand till the end.

Providing quality products is Specialitymedz core criterion, and we have made our customer base on providing quality. A client is looking for trust as it comes first, more than anything else, especially if the client is from overseas.

We are proud to have built it among all our clients, which is why we have a 97% repeat customer base.

We offer some unmatched services, and that is why we have been able to grow exponentially well over the decade. Below are some of the point that distinguishes us:

  • Speciality Medz is committed to providing world-class pharmaceutical products at affordable prices.
  • We have set no minimum order criteria.
  • At Specialitymedz, we aim to provide manufacturing and related services at low cost; we can achieve it as we are set in India.
  • 24*7 support will be given to all the clients irrespective of their origin country.
  • Speciality Medz has all domestic certifications and WHO-GMP certifications for manufacturing pharmaceutical products.
  • Digital and IT-based transparent process from placing an order to delivery.
  • With transparent facilities throughout the process from ordering to delivery, speciality medz is here to serve you with international standards.
  • If you want to visit our manufacturing plant to see the workflow, you are always welcome.
  • Choose your suitable payment from the multiple options we provide.
  • Our website is a multitasker; you can order, connect, view the process of production and everything related to your order through our website.